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Frequently Asked Questions

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Grade placement can feel tricky in Waldorf. Waldorf places by AGE. The curriculum content is intended to match a child's development so it is important that they are properly placed. Once placed we can adjust the academics as needed. If your child is gifted in one area we can help you go deeper. If they are struggling we can give you support in meeting them where they are.   

We take into account their date of birth as well as if they were a preemie.

For the Northern Hemisphere this means your child turns the age of their grade by March 31st.  For the Southern Hemisphere the date would be June 30th. 

Class/grade 1: age 7 or nearly 7

Class/grade 2: age 8 or nearly 8

Class/grade 3: age 9 or nearly 9

Class/grade 4: age 10 or nearly 10

Class/grade 5: age 11 or nearly 11

Class/grade 6: age 12 or nearly 12

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Age appropriate content means that the content for each year is cultivated to meet your child developmentally where they are. Academics are adjusted accordingly as needed.

No! A child that is already reading is great! This child still needs the story content of class one. There are many things we accomplish in class one that have nothing to do with reading. There's drawing, painting, modeling, handwork, music and more!

Don't worry! I wasn't either! My middle school art teacher said he was glad I planned on becoming a lawyer because I was no artist! I took my time and with patience and desire I proved that art teacher wrong! You can do it too!

Since the content is age appropriate for each child, there is not combining in the traditional sense. We have pioneered a method that will allow you to teach each child and give them the lessons and content they deserve.

Melisa has a big family and she'll teach you how you can teach several children in a day. She can't wait to teach you her methods.

We accept purchase orders from most charter schools as long as they are in good standing with us. That means they communicate and pay their bills on time. 

If your charter wants to order with a purchase order, they just need to send the purchase order to [email protected]. Alternatively, if they would like to purchase upfront, they are welcome to just be sure they sign up using your name and email so you get all the content you need for your journey. 

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